Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy was a gift from Author Cee to the main character named Mister. She was born in 2011 in Bowling Green Kentucky which makes her a 2012 Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette with factory Velocity Yellow tinted paint and Grand Sport Racing stripes. Racing stripes come Factory on all Grand Sports, but her paint color, wide body aerodynamics and carbon fiber trim inside and out make Roxy a very rare one. She was a custom ordered Corvette, hand picked by the original owner, boasting a 3LT trim package which means she has ALMOST every option known to a Corvette (Only thing missing is the Z06). Foxy Roxy has a factory 436 horsepower engine but with new modifications coming by the end of August, she will have a new horsepower rating of 580+ RHP (Rear Wheel Horse Power) by adding an aggressive stage 2 lobing Cam, LSXR Intake Manifold, American Racing Headers, a 102mm Throttle body, and 60lb Fuel injectors with a professional dyno-tune for speed and performance in addition to the cold air intake and the Borla S-Type Axle back exhaust. The one drawback about Miss Roxy, is that she is an automatic. But Miss Roxy has paddle shifters on the steering wheel which virtually make her a stick shift. The previous owners took excellent care of her, and I shall continue to keep her Gorgeous and super extra fast. She only had 12,400 miles when I got her, which makes her a elegant 10-year old innocent girl that will tease all of the boys crazy, and make all of the girls want to be om the passenger seat. Roxy most certainly loves to accelerate past 140 with ease, so I will make a concerted effort to let her be free enough to do as she pleases!

Everyone, this is Foxy Roxy, and Roxy Foxy, this is the everyone! If you see us out on the roadway, be sure to honk, wave, or both. Now that Foxy Roxy is a part of Mister, Cee felt she deserves her own Menu tab. So, please “Follow” us on Instagram to be included in Foxy Roxy and Mister’s provocative real life adventures, because if you know Mister, they will be full-fucking-throttled Trouble!

They say. . . “Your Car is an Extension of who you are”, and this is who Cee really is. The man behind Mister, loves speed, showing off while humbly being in control. However, he also Loves to be controlled. Afterall, us “smart” men, know that ALL women are in control of this universe, we men just cum along for the wild ride!
I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America, and to the republic for which it stands! NOW, Fasten your seat belts and grab a hold of your nipples to make sure they come along with us as Roxy accelerates past 140mph right quick and furiously-fucking fast! Lets Go for a ride, Shall we?
Ask me for a ride, especially if I am alone! I triple-dog dare you to ask!
Let’s Play. Mister loves Erotic trouble filled with lots of pleasure, some pain, and cumming together! Are you ready to enjoy some hot, intense cascading memories that are sure to last lifetimes.
Oh my Mister, that is a big wheel you got there. This is a front wheel from Foxy Roxy. She has 18″ rims in the front and 19″ rims in the back. Yes the tires really are $395 a tire. But since every woman loves wearing the sexiest shoes ever invented, she will be rewarded with the top of the line. By the way, does anyone notice the matching brake calipers? Yup, Yellow 4-piston calipers!
Scrub-a-dub-dub! Its bath time for Roxy! If Roxy goes unwashed for a week or more, she collects particles from the roadways and earth too. But don’t worry, she gets a weekly scrubble-bubble bath with warm water and scented bubbles of soap!
Isn’t that a sexy picture of an engine? The intake manifold, American Racing headers, 102mm throttle body, and extra high flow fuel injectors will leave most other cars in the rear! Foxy Roxy will soon be Very Fucking Fast, or as Mister likes to say, VFF!
Holy Fuck me! Look at Roxy’s Curvaceous ass. The Grand Sport stripes remind me of a Thong, and WE ALL know how much Mister loves a thong! Don’t we?
Roxy at Make-out point. “Shhh Roxy! Just take it in, and let Mister do the rest.
DO you like reading Roxy? No Mister, I just like to be studied! Cheers “paying attention” ! ! !
Really Mister, a $71,000 car? Yes she was when sold new. Even now, she has a value of that too! Probably more with her recent upgrades.
Have a shot of Whiskey with me, won’t you please?
Okay fine, have another whole bottle of Whiskey with us, won’t you? Let’s Drink to Horsepower, speed and fast ladies!
Lust Mister? Yes Roxy, you know I am writing a chapter called “Lust” in my next book. Right? Shall we sip from the same bottle? I think SO!
Don’t just stand there Mister, get in and drive me fast. Please!
Hey, a newer sister of mine? Okay, ok, I still look better with Grand Sport stripes and Round Corvette taillights, Right?
Holy Crapola, Batman! You are low off the ground. “Yes I am low Mister, but aerodynamics and Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber make me much lighter than any other American Sports car. You know you like my thickness. I know you do Sir! Lets drink to low, fast, and erotic. Better yet, lets do a double cheer’s mug tap to “accelerating past the 55 MPH sign without guilt!”
Topless again? ” Yes Sir Mister, isn’t that how you like me?”

Roxy Speeding past 80mph in 7-seconds

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