Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy was a gift from Author Cee to the main character named Mister. She was born in 2011 in Bowling Green Kentucky with a sticker price of $71,340.00. She is a 2012 Grand Sport Corvette with factory Velocity Yellow tinted paint and Grand Sport Racing stripes. Race stripes come on all Grand Sports, but her paint color, wide body aerodynamics and stripes make Roxy a very rare one. She was a custom ordered Corvette, hand picked by the original owner, boasting a 3LT trim package which means she has EVERY option known to a Corvette. She has a factory 436 horsepower engine but with aftermarket cold air intake and Borla exhaust she now has 490 horses. The one drawback is that she is an automatic, but Miss Roxy has paddle shifters on the steering wheel which almost make her a stick shift. The previous owners took excellent care of her. She only had 12,400 miles when I got her. She is one classy 9-year old dame and I will treat her accordingly. She is meant to be pushed beyond the 100mph level, and I will make a concerted effort to let her be free.

Everyone, this is Foxy Roxy. And Foxy Roxy, this is the Everyone! If you see us out on the roadway, be sure to honk, and wave, or both. Now that Foxy Roxy is a part of Mister, Cee felt she deserved her own Menu tab. Please “Follow” on Instagram or on this page here to be included in Foxy Roxy and Mister’s adventures because they will be full-fucking-throttled Trouble!

Roxy Speeding past 80mph in 7-seconds

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