Her Warmth Drizzle-Drops down His Throat, INTO His Soul ForEVER! ! !

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5 / 100
This is an EXTRA Bonus to Know Mister on a level deeper than Most everyone gets to CUM!

Her Tangy, TART juices dribble-DROP down his Throat, passing into his SOUL without any kind of protection. He tastes her cunt and DNA infused pussy Juice with a Blossoming flavor for the rich and and erotic delicacy of pure intoxication. He tastes her sex and juice with Needs and Demands to eat it our MORE. Her body awaits to finish with pulsating quivers so divine that it makes her a SEX Goddess peedestalled HIGH upon his needs to be HAD again, and again forever MORE! Her tangy sugar makes his cock rock-Fucking-Hard without any sort of effort. Its her juice that stimulates his growth. Its flavor is one-of-a-kind, just as her cherry dark erotica is OVER the-Fucking Top! She streams out cream of cum into his awaiting mouth with majestic nourishment of his Forever ! ! ! ! ! ! She HOLDS on to HIS everything, but quickly forgets afterwards that HE is HER SEX God Sent her to devour her MIND, BODY, and SOUL Too! ! !

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