Sweet Cherry Juice Runs between her thighs

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Beginnings of Summer are felt and seen everywhere about. Just one look and he hooked her hard. His debonair smile sent chills up, down, and in-between every inch of her casually dressed self as they shopped for fresh fruit. It was almost dusk, and the roadside cherry stand was starting to close, yet Mister and his ripe Cherry stemmed woman were about to take it somewhere else, further than just the Cherry stand in the middle of nowhere. She gawked at Foxy Roxy, and he saw her piqued interests turning sultry hot with carnivorous fantasies of Sir Mister purposely pitting the cherries and removing their stems in a modernized kitchen with a intricate island with color changing lights and a round table with a fresh white linen table cloth atop her strong Maple wood. For moments that they talked at the Cherry stand, his new friend turned sultry hot with flirty laughs with no bra, nipples poking through and short black shorts that made Mister hungrier for her than eating those sweet assed Cherries. As his mind got perverted, her secret fantasies heated up on this roadside chance encounter. And when she saw him turn around and smoothly swagger over to her, his new friend named Cherry began dripping from the middle because he vividly tasted it in his mouth. He felt her red sugar sauce dripping down into his soul without protection, and he was just fine with it.

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