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Howdy, Hola, Buenos Noches, Konnichiwa, Hi, Hello, etc. I am sure I left out a ton of nationalities and genders, but please forgive me about that, I did not know how to be debonair in this category. So Simply put. This is where I will announce my giveaway section. I will give away books, audiobooks, personally owned items, pictures, dreams, personal stories, things, tickets, memorabilia, and everything else besides my soul. I am saving that for “Thee One” You might want to visit this frequently, because I am going to start giving away things because simply put, “I am a Giver” I give things away. I give money to homeless, I buy flowers from street people, I give tips to street people that play a good instrument. WHY? Because I have a good soul with Great values, and an amazing personality. SO if you like free things that might pique interests and cause souls to melt, you had better bookmark this page and visit frequently. I am a Tease, so, my giveaways could last from 1 hour to 3 days. And NO, You cannot have Foxy Roxy, but you can have a short ride or Longer drive in her if You are so bold as to ask. Stay tuned, as Mister will be tuned in along side of you with anticipating wants, needs, and desires to be vulnerable so that WE can feel Alive! JOIN ME?

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