Hit “that” Spot!

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She had a plan formulating as she awoke from a mid-day nap! Her plan was an extension of her dream she just woke up from. His Miss wanted sweaty, dirty afternoon sex and he had no idea. She dreamt that she left her panties on the front doorknob with a post-it note stuck to the door above the lock. “Mister, Sir, you need to FIND me, Then Fuck ME hard & Fast using French cuss words of vulgarity!” Mister grabbed the note first, then the cheekies wedged up there. He noticed a soiled damp spot still warm and wet. He opened the unlocked door and went straight for the bedroom. And there she was, kneeling on the bed like a Hot Dog in heat with her ass up and face down, because. . .  Her red wine glass was empty, and her throbbing G-spot gushed with empathy, love, lust, and dirty fucking urges to get of and cum breathlessly hard!