Hot Morning Dew Forms way Deep Inside

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As sun crests on the most gorgeous day ever with its warmth trickle charging our souls full of regenerative power. Blossoming flowers shed off the morning dew as if it were her moist flower getting caught in a torrential downpour of love, lust, and every other emotion a human could experience. With him by her side, cozily spooning his front to her back, she was already ready to receive his shaft without any hesitation.

Miss spryly sprung out of bed in her satin and lace cheekies wedged up there to open the window and let the nipply air in. When she slid it open, her nipples and embers all over her areola erected with needs to be teased by his hot tongue of love. She took 3 deep breaths before seductively swaggering back her imperfect-but-perfect hips back to bed so she could do one thing, and one thing only. She was about to wake him up with an under the sheet, and under the nose whiff of her potent sexual scents to communicate all there was to say. His eyes opened, he smiled, and she placed her index finger over his lips in a strict gesture to not say one fucking word, just get hard and put it inside of me Sir!