Intense Kisses Unlock her every whole, hole

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His mouth kisses hers. It wasn’t just a kiss; it was a soul erectifying event that had occurred. The electricity flowed from his mouth into hers as their wet tongues flicker-fucked inside of her mouth. As the storm starts, her hot spot of all creation began frothing with sexualized cream. Her tightly bound thong kept her wetness in one specific spot, but as their kissing got more intense, it was now soaking through and thru her Camouflage satin as if it would never stop dribble-dropping out from her tight fucking labia’s. And when his soul connected with hers, he immediately tasted her tangy cream inside of his mouth, even though he had not yet ate out all of the wettish cream from her steam hole. Her nipples got on fire and she felt his erection fully extended pressed tightly against her hipbones. But when he grabbed her hair from the underside-back and pulled it taughtly firm, his Miss was fully prepared to be his sex slave. Any place, any position, and hole, she would let him have it because he had the only key to open her body and soul up to his dominance ! ! !