Sunday Morning Tangerines

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Her Tangerine was all over his face and in his mouth from the night previous, yet that did not stop him to open her gentle folds and devour her Tangerine as his only morning food source. She is not even awake as they tightly spoon together, him covering her back-sided curvature with his manly dominance. Mister, the man, smoothly slides away from her perfect silver-fucking spoonage as he guided her onto her back as not to disrupt her sleepage, but only because he needed to devour her sweet cream-cum-sum more than one!

She still sleeps, letting out a snorty-snore when he gently parts her thighs and dives face-first in. He whiffs their previous orgasms, yet, only smells fresh Tangerines as he smells her heaven. He smells, smells, and smells more of her hot juice box before opening her folded labia’s with the sole purpose of savoring his Lovers Tangerine divinity. As he watches her drippage come out of her, he collects its omnipotence with his hungry soul before squiggle-wiggling his tongue into her, for the best kind of wake-up ever.