New Years, Brand new adventures are about to Begin!

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Hello to 2022 and good riddance to 2021; she thinks to herself while daydreaming where she sat. Internally, she hurt more than she knew, but it was a kind of hurt that she could not run away from. New Years eve daydreams of unbridled passion measured in slow, constant drips of erotic at every turn. Miss was not trapped, but she let herself fall into a hole surrounded by well-guarded protection. Years went by, but she now felt it was her time to go on a cadence of unbridled twists and turns, and just straight-ups. Her heartbeats started to slow, but her mind went into overdrive with imaginative desires to be his everything.

Feelings of naughty pulse-waved in and out of her on this day with drippage of love falling out of her. She feels spine tingly chills that traveled the full length of her central nervous system. Her congealed excitement was getting bathed in her new desires to let herself be free enough to love again without walls of protection, and without tricks to keep the “one” away. She now wants to feel his weight on top of her body, feeling his powerful hip-fuck-thrusts inside of her tight love canal. As the moisture on her car windows condensate, she now wants to cum a lot with huge smiles of exquisite pleasure, and cry with joys of being loved, cared for and connected to him in every fucking way possible. His slow motioned fuck-fest bumps and grinds into her soul cause Miss to roll her eyes into the back of her head, arch her back, and let him take her to places she now wants to go to again. . .