Cold Lingering Love with Lust and All of the Above

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His breaths could be seen lingering about in the coolish frigid air while their eyes latched onto each other’s inner workings. His confidence penetrated the cold to tweak her nipples perfectly right, as his woody woodpecker got elongated with indulging urgencies to hip-fuck-thrust her compliant body repetitively after he ate her out in multiples. Miss excitedly grabbed for his cock to feel it’s filling thickness in her hand in preparation of putting it in and getting it off with her Kegal formed, pussy shaped muscles. Mister’s heartbeat thumped with pounds of hard and fast with a wee bit of saltified pre-cum dribble-dropping out of his masculinity when his dick stiffened in the palms of her warming hands of pleasure. Mister’s thingamabob erected big and huge from Miss’s dominatrix kind of hand-job which encouraged grips and releases so that she could take control of his pleasure, while at the same time, making that stud her submissive man on this night, that day. She tight gripped squeezed his fucking cock without surrender, and without regret. Mister submitted to his Boss Bitch to let her have her ways with IT, any damn way she pleased just as long as his manhood wouldn’t get frostbitten with cold. He poured its omnipotent flavor into their shot glasses and raised a “Cheers” to Pleasure, pain, and Whiskey too, and they both shot it it into their mouths and down their throats with excitement of wonderment! . . .