Provocatrix Miss is Mister’s new leather dressed Bossy Boss!

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His Mistress named Miss wore pigtails on this morning and that night, for she knew how to make his cock bulge hard without having to touch it at all. Her sassy, bratty girl-like comebacks only tempted him to down-turn his power and up-turn his submissive side. Mister was not afraid to be both, submissive and Dominant. And on this day in history, Sir Mister temporarily became Miss bratty-girl’s willing sex-slave. He opened the bedroom door and immediately smelt her hole’s seepage and viewed a dingy-darkly lit room with the smell of leather and a shadowed outline of a woman standing powerfully strong with a cock-cage in one hand and flesh colored pocket pussy in the other. She greeted him in the dancing candlelight as his dominatrix. She, the “brat”, was sexually dressed for sex and sin, in Red and Black, but no white. There was no surrender, no virginity, and no way he could guess what would be next.

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