Priceless Pleasure

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Mister tempted her with hot passionate pleasure in ways that only made sense to the two of them. He knew she was analytical and calculating with her life, yet still, Mister was one thing that she could not stop trying to calculate his everything. His Miss had let bad decisions, anger, and imagined insecurities fuck her up in the head way beyond mind fucked. She kept questioning his pursuit after her because she really did not know how serious, or deep his feelings were for her. She allowed her insecurities to turn him away out of fear when all she needed was his full attention to validate their existence. So now, when Mister saw his Miss sitting in her Mini with her head against the steering wheel and hands cupping her face with consolement, he opened the door and she fell into his strength face first. He embraced her into his chest, and she wiped her runny nose and tears onto his shirt and gripped him tighter-yet-still because she needed it.

His intimate embrace encouraged her unprotected feelings and emotions to be raw and real in this moment of acceptance. Her sobbing stopped and she became moist down below as she smelt his cologne and felt his authentic purity. What started as somber, ended much differently than she could ever lucidly dream up. And when Miss slowly climbed out of his embrace, she grabbed him by his powerful neck and shoved her tongue into his mouth while she prepared to cum intensely hard atop his manhood. . .