Spooning Leads to Forking!

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Side-by-side they embrace!

In the cozy warmth of their bed and sheets this early morn! His body tightly molded to her backside as two silver spoons touching pure Silver on Silv! The alarm clock sounds, and he is up before it even rang. Mister had a growing erection and when his Miss felt it poking her curves, she secretly got wet, for she knew what was going to happen next. He Half-rolled his upper torso to the side and shut off the alarm going off. He went right back to the same place he was just at, except this time, he had his hand against his thickening shaft to keep it strong and hard so that she could hop on top and take him for an intense ride of exploding pleasure. And that is exactly what she did too.

Now fully awake and saturated with sexual goo dribble-dropping out of her, she pushed her ass into his manhood and he helped guide it into her tight pink lips from behind. She whimpered and softly moaned as his big dick penetrated her tight pussy on this morning, on that day! ! !