Sunbathing Omnipotence is Her Power and His Gain

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Miss quietly sunbathed in the backyard under the tree without any audiences around. It was her personal time to just be her. No disappointments, no regrets, no mistakes, just her and the sun pleasuring each other. Its radiated heat and strength secretly opened Miss’s body and soul enough to let the universes rays make love to her uncovered body with glistening joy she found nowhere else. Her mind was calm and she naturally sweated out manmade impurities with a care to multiply or divide anything, she just existed. When in reality, she so very longed for her Mister to find her and make her levitate out of the sun and straight into his soul. Her calm turned downright tawdry when she imagines his big fucking thing disappear inside of her shaved spot of slick wet dew. She watched his joy get upturned with every millimeter that he would rigidly thrust slow in and never pull out of her hot hole. She did not care that it was 107 degrees outside, all she wanted to feel was his 150 degreed pleasure mind-fuck and soul-suck on her tongue, lips, nips and slit too, forcing Mister to keep his manhood inside of her tight sugar walls.

As the sun got hotter, her hips subtly gyrated into the towel covered lounger with repetitious hunger to get off in his mouth. Her arms ached to grab ahold of his upper torso and scratch her nails into his skin so that she can be one with his omnipotence. Her inner thighs began twitching with an itch to hold and keep that motherfucker face deep in the middle of her pleasure zone so that she could selfishly cum more than 8. Miss did not care that she was completely exposed for the world to see her sin and sex unfold under the watchful eyes of Sir, Mister, as he was inside watching her dry thump the gathering towel. He let her get off, as he did too without interruptions. Although, he absolutely wonders what she is thinking about in her head to make her so fucking free and vulnerable to cum 8-times to his 2.  

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