Salty Waves, Sandy Beaches

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Swirling winds of sin blow way fucking hard. Hard and soft, gentle and subtle it blows. Its summer warm tease is absolutely incredible as she lifts her skirt and lets the breezy blows make love to her cunt. She feels its pressure and tastes its pain with every rippled effect felt below and above. Goosey Bumps of mumpy humps make Miss squirm under her skirt, for this day, she went commando; no panties at all. Her beaver was bare and she felt so hotly sexual she came 6 times before this last time all on her own. Now she wanted more; she wanted him in. she needed to get fucked dirty hot and be penetrated with perverted desires of cumming hard all over his thick fucking erected member dick, stick. Miss wants to watch her cum dribble-drop into his soul one creamy spotted ejaculation at a time. This woman, his Miss, IS a raging inferno that needs his big squirting hose to extinguish her ache. Miss quivers and shakes, she chills and gushes with slosh and shake, now that Sir Mister just walked in through the outdoor. He is home and before she says a word, he sees her aggressiveness fornicating him on the entryway floor. This Motherfucking man named Sir, Mister, sir, is going to pound her pussy with intense pressure and strong power as only he knows how to do it deeply right. The room gets silent as the smells of 5-ones before the last orgasmed release gets into his nose.

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