Warm Drizzles of Chocolate Upon Your Skin!

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Mister loves the sweet, tangy, and tart with an extra side of addictive. But tonight, he partakes in warm drizzled dark chocolate upon her body. With powerful control of everything that is happening around them, Mister watches the slowly congealed chocolate change from soft and pliable, to edible hard. Her nipples are erectly chocolate covered just as her clitoris is. It was not by accident that he made her intimate body parts covered with edible deliciousness. and juicy cunt as the brilliant man that he is. He watches his Miss drizzle it with temptations of eat me out and get me off, Sir Mister, sir! Come and take my mind, body and soul and make it yours. I will submit my all, in exchange for you to use me as your love device. Use me as your woman and use me as your Corvette-summertime delight. Make me go Vroom and go “Shutter-BANG in the night” while you have your way with me. Use your gentlemanlike charm to get into my head so that you may devour my body repitiously slow so that I make beg you for a release! Use your curious fingers and use your mouth ONLY as you know how. I want you to eat me out, I want you to make me orgasm, I want you to make me squirt my hot lava into your mouth and down your throat without any objections. Take me now Sir, Mister, make me yours. Cast me under a spell and make me shake and shiver with convulsions that rock me to the core of who I am. Make me question life, man, and woman too. Show me your talents to penetrate my soul with Absolute surrendered control. My body is yours, use it as you may, just let me have 5 or 6 more worth gloating to the world about! Signed, Your Secret! ! !  

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