Quantify and Divide

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Mister smoothly swaggered over to the table where she sat. Miss secretly soiled her panties wet because he was paying attention. He listened to her tell stories of co-workers while carrying over an uncorked bottle of wine in one hand and a plate of Pesto and Parmesan seasoned Asparagus. He was down dressed in stylish dark blue shorts and a bright yellow Polo shirt and a sexy smile that made Miss get giddy with naughty feelings of secret lust. She blathered about the company gossip queen and the out-of-control owners son doing it on the side, yet still, Mister intently paid attention to all that she said. He loved their blasé conversations more than he let on, just because he always got turned on with her drama amplified facial expressions. Secretly Mister loved her eyerolls, sarcastic babblings and nonchalant conversations about her life, for it gave him a secret window into her life without prying. He smiled and head-nodded back with visual “Okay’s” and “I Understand’s” effectively well. Mister gave a damn, and she knew it too. He got horny from seeing her erected nipples poke through her silk and lace sleep-time top as he got more turned on from her life stories. Her embellished drama turned Sir Mister on for they got him into a place that he absolutely wanted to go, her soul’s backdoor. Her doors were tight, and his door key was fucking bigly perfect; he got hard as she dribble-dropped herself wet with edible pleasure. Mister laughed, commented, and suggested things while smelling her tangible sex coating his throat with everything he craved. He pulled the wine cork mesmerizingly out of the Lust filled bottle and poured its tartly suggestive reds into their glasses, purposely making the splish-splash downpour of its pleasure to quantify and multiply their quadrupling infernos. . .

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