Welcome To Mister’s World

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I wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone that follows me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I appreciate your attention. I will try and post here more offen now that I have enabled this feature. You will not find these kinds of posts anywhere else. For the select few that truly appreciate Erotica and Mister, please stay tuned.

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  1. I value my fans and followers, and I am willing to put my mouth where the money is. Until I take this post down, I will provide a personally signed and Autographed copy of “Mister’s Miss” for everyone that can purchase a copy of my book on any platform, AND that posts a review on the platform that they buy it from. I will pay for the shipping, and sign it the way you would like me to, OR I can create something unique just for you. This is a Special offer which will include an autographed book mark. After you post the review, I will send you the personally inscribed and autographed copy. Thank you for everyones support!
    Signed, Mister!

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