Fall Fireplace Embers Burn with liquid Intimate Sought Hot!

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Barbecue Wood Fire Flame Fireplace Embers

Hot embers burn inside their chimney while Mister and Miss sip on a dominant Cabernet red that stoked their internal fires hotter than the smoldering pine logs. Their bodies snuggle-lay side by side with his exposed thigh comforting her bare-naked soul while forging hot intimate bonds that can’t be undone. His hardening silver teased her curvy backside with dips, sips, and spooning lip-licks so profoundly intense that both let it flow. They both had agendas that ended with purposeful teasing that toyed with their exposed feelings and vulnerable emotions of “what ifs”.

“What if he kisses me”, “what if she doesn’t want to be kissed”, “what if he wants to eat me out”, “what if she won’t swallow”, “what if he doesn’t make me gasm-an-Orgasm”, “what if she can’t keep me hard”, “what if I can’t give her 4 or more on this night”? Thoughts like those simultaneously flew into and out of their minds with repetitious acceleration until the wine kicked in.

Then, tingly warmth and blurring boundaries allowed his seductive whispers to get up and in without a fight. His stiff erection penetrates her soaked wet spot with powerful thrusted bursts of in and out while he pushed her wrists into the carpeted floor where an hour ago Buzz-light-years laid face-down, ass-up. Thoughts of pleasure and release made them both vulnerable enough to become one on this fall fucking hump-day night! ! !

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  1. You are Welcome. I am glad I have inspired you to do your own Blog. I shall come see it when you have it ready. You made me smile K!

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