Cornered in the dark Alleyway of a Halloween Night

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Fall chills of spooky set in fastly so. It is dark and chilly cool with smells of fresh wet rain, smoldering chimney fires and hot fucking sex that linger in the air. She dresses in Orange lace, black satin and silk hand gloves with an erotic sex mask straight out of an ominous movie such as “Eyes wide shut”. Her lace accented gloves covered her forearms from fingertip-to-elbow dip, with his perverted dirty sex on a stick danglement.

It was Orange and mother-fucking-Black time of year. Mister backed her into the corner dark alley and asked her, “Do you deserve a trick, or a treat, Mister deserved to know as he cornered into a dark alley corner in the dark-ward-back?” Before his Miss answered, her soul got lustfully teased wet while her midnight blackish T-back got torrentially down poured on with her family’s DNA.  She trembled with ecstasy and he shook with dominance coveted by a full moon and misty fog deluxe. His hardness grew in his pants, and now she felt his heart beat on her inner, upper thigh. Miss surrendered to his over-powering presence just like that. Ghouls go scare in the night, but Mister fucks her more than right under the haunted hollows nigh! ! !