His Dominant, Dirty Pleasure Makes her Shiver-Quiver x10 Fold!

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His dick throbbed with pulsating dominance even before he walked in through her locked front door. It was the middle of the week and she wasn’t expecting him to show up unannounced, yet he did. She was watching Reality TV when she heard her door lock unlocking. He knew her schedule, so he was trying hard not to startle-scar her to death when he used gentlemanlike precision to get into her house. Even before he walked in, she hoped it was him coming to see her unannounced, and it was. He never used her key to get in before, but now that he just did, Miss got goose-bumped chills up, down, in and out of her entire body. The hairs at the back of her neck noticed the potential as he walked into her house. Se smiled and he put his index finger over his mouth to signal not to speak one Fucking word. His Miss was dressed down in sweats and a pink tank-top since she just got off the Peloton, but Mister never cared about her looks because he truly loved her deeply deeper than a soul can feel. As soon as the door shut, his Miss saw Mister’s devilish smile of dominance-down-dirty take over, her tight sugar walls clenched tighter to force out more of her frothy cream mixed in with her wet! ! !