Hot Cucumbers Inside and Out!

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He Holds her soul in his bare naked hands and she knows his intentions without any doubt at all.  It’s his caring, attention and everlasting desires to constantly be inside of her that gives his Miss the confidence to know that he matters. It was his attention, his gentle touches, and his big fucking Monster rod too that made her want him more and more. Even while they were apart, her hot honey pot got moistly wet because of his presence inside of her. His presence inside of her was WAY more than his throbbing member, it was his perfect words and perfect kinky touch that she got off on more than anything else. Her Mister was a man’s man, and he knew exactly how to take care of her without even asking; he just fucking knew. As his Miss shopped for groceries, her thong got creamy cumly wet with anticipation of him bending her over the couch, spreading her thighs and sticking his power into her with strict mind control of his woman. She grabbed for the cucumber and compared it with his one, while she put it in the sack and took it home for him them to share together! ! !