His sassy Pleasure Queen awaits his Commands while he is in Transit

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The anticipation of him coming home on this night and that day was way too exciting for her to handle. Her nipples ached for his mouth and her honey hole drips with nectar, enough to feed Mister for days. She has butterflies like this was her first time. With her bottled up emotions needing to be released in multiples, her thong was way fucking saturated with creme de leche, that she had to get off twice, even before he got home just to calm her overdriven emotions before she exploded all over the place. She reminisced Mister’s past conquests, adventures and pleasures; From first anal, to obeying his request to masturbate in an airport while on a holdover going to visit her sister, to before baseball game oral orgasmic trades. No matter which memory she selected from, his Miss knew she once had the Ferrari of pleasure, but now finds broken down Pinto’s because she is too fucking weak to be his sassy sex slave forever. And in this secret moment of connectivity, his Miss memory recalls all of him, while waiting for Mister to be back inside of her. . .

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