Steamy Mini Van Windows at the Boardwalk!

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Mister spontaneously got invited to the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. They got a late start with a 2-hour drive. They conversed, talked about the universe and love and lust alike. They got to Santa Cruz and they played like kids. The night was warmly humid, and fun was had. Their bodies and souls were free, as they teased and talked and walked alike. Their fun was sexy, their minds were into it with intimacy dripping from every place, space, and hole. It got dark, and the parking lots got emptied, yet still popcorn and cotton candy still smelled vigorously alive. They connected while riding the rides, and they playfully touched and flirted their night away. Talk all through the day was hot Mini van sex in the parking lot, in a very newly purchased mini. New car smells mixed with salty sandy, as they got ready to leave. Sir Mister felt it was right when he instigated hot van sex in the emptying parking lot. They took the right clothes off and moved the kid’s car seats around and tilted the bench forward to get the right room, before she slid down his thick fucking shaft. She was soaked wet, and she came hard first, once then twice as she rode his big fucking dick in the back of her new mini. His thick 7.5-inch cock split her tight tart lips of heaven with perfection. Her cunt juices dripped out of her and coated his big member with lubrication so that he could cum deep inside of her with his salty treat. Her tight lips muscled him to stay inside for a while longer until little Mister Jr. flaccidly fell out of her spent honey hole. They both got off hard, and they trembled with pleasure for a good long while as she drove them home. Her mind was blown and so was his. Mister got a fast and furious coaster ride at the same time Miss experienced the rollercoaster ride of her life. . .